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The Strange Deaths of Batman (Collected)


The Strange Deaths of Batman (Collected)

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In the time the Batman R.I.P. storyline had ended, this Batman paperback was published. It collects earlier stories concerning the "death" of Batman.

This trade paperback reprints stories from the following comic book issues:

(The Strange Death of Batman! from January, 1966)
(Robin's Revenge! from May, 1969)
(The Corpse That Wouldn't Die! from October, 1974)
(Where Were You on the Night Batman Was Killed? from September, 1977)
(The Testimony of the Riddler! from October, 1977)
(The Testimony of Luthor! from November, 1977)
(Testimony of the Joker! from December, 1977)
(Buried Alive from July, 1981)
(The Prison from March, 1997)
(Modern Romance from February, 2001)

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