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The Weird Vol 1 1


The Weird Vol 1 1

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"Conception": Jason Morgan is in his Metropolis apartment bathroom performing a ritual that will create a "bridge" linking his reality to a parallel dimension. Once the bridge is created, a Zarolatt (an energy based sentient being) emerges destroying the link behind him. The Zarolatt flies

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Synopsis for "Conception"

Jason Morgan is in his Metropolis apartment bathroom performing a ritual that will create a "bridge" linking his reality to a parallel dimension. Once the bridge is created, a Zarolatt (an energy based sentient being) emerges destroying the link behind him. The Zarolatt flies into the sky where it emits a large flash and noise similar to an explosion and attracting the attention of Superman. He finds a stationary, hovering wave of energy. After a preliminary examination, Superman attempts to touch it and is blasted about three miles away. By the time he returns Captain Atom and the Martian Manhunter of the newly formed Justice League are present.

An hour later several additional members of the Justice League have arrived as well as Doctor Yamada and General Westerly all of whom are analyzing the energy. Guy Gardner begins to probe the energy but finds resistance. He tries harder and the energy responds with a backlash knocking Guy out and blacking out the entire city as well as the Blue Beetle's Bug which is caught by Captain Atom and Martian Manhunter. The energy being splits into two and takes off in opposite directions. Superman and Martian Manhunter each follow one of them.

The one Superman follows goes into Genex Genetics Laboratory, passes through some experimental chemicals then enters the labs computers where it gathers information. Soon, it takes off again with Superman in pursuit.

The other one goes to Sawyer's Funeral Home where the energy collides with the recently deceased body of Walter Langley. There is a flash of light and both the energy and Langley's body are missing. The event is witnessed by Walter's wife and son.

When Superman and Martian Manhunter return to the group they find the energy hovering once again. After telling the group what they witnessed, Batman theorizes that it's going to build itself a body. The energy starts expanding which causes a portion of a nearby building to fall. Before Guy Gardner can catch the piece, the energy vaporizes the debris. Superman suggests the energy was trying to save people but also suggests Guy encase the energy in a containment bubble which Guy does.

Inside the bubble, the Zarolatt reconstructs Walter Langley's body using 1) the knowledge it gained from its research, 2) the abilities it needs the body to have in order to accomplish its mission and 3) the nearby beings as additional reference. It reforms its body and passes out due to the strain.

An hour later, the Justice League, Superman and Doctor Yamada continue to study the creature and learn that the being is still constructing itself. Superman further notes that the creature's molecules are unstable and it could potentially explode with enough force to destroy the Earth. Blue Beetle names the creature "The Weird." Superman spots a plane on fire and leaves to rescue it as the League decides the creature must be taken off planet. The Weird awakens and slowly adjusts to corporeal existence. He discovers that the close proximity of aliens and metahumans as it reconstructed its body has left it physically unable to pass as a normal being. Batman tells him they need to transport him off the planet but the Weird tells him he has business but refuses to elaborate. The Justice League attempt to take him off planet by force but the Weird resists. The League fights him but soon all members but Batman are knocked unconcious.

The Weird flies to Jason Morgan's apartment but finds the place empty. He decides to return later and flies to his old home where he greets Walter Langley's son.


  • A caption indicates that the story takes place before Justice League #7. There is some confusion due to the Justice League's roster, however, as Captain Atom did not join until Issue #7 and Booster Gold, Mister Miracle and Captain Marvel were all members before Issue #7 (none appear in the story).
  • Bernie Wrightson's first name is misspelled "Berni" in the interior credits of all four issues.


  • Walter Langley was killed by a mugger.
  • Eva Langley appears not to know who Martian Manhunter is.

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