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The Weird Vol 1 4


The Weird Vol 1 4

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"Armageddon!": Batman wakes up the Weird while the remainder of the Justice League fight the Macrolatt possessed Superman and Nuklon. The Weird explains the situation to Batman but seems unwilling to attack t

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Synopsis for "Armageddon!"

Batman wakes up the Weird while the remainder of the Justice League fight the Macrolatt possessed Superman and Nuklon. The Weird explains the situation to Batman but seems unwilling to attack the Macrolatts. After the possessed heroes take down all the heroes except Batman, whose arm is broken, the Macrolatts confront the Weird. The Weird bows to their superiority but the Macrolatts claim the Zarolatt and the entire universe will die to feed their hunger. The Macrolatts set a nearby building on fire and absorb the energy while reporter Lance Armstrong records the events.

The Weird pleads with the Macrolatts to stop citing dangers the Macrolatts are unaware of. He offers his knowledge, and powers, to the Macrolatts by agreeing to be absorbed by them as he would have been back in their home dimension. They agree but, as they are about to absorb him, the Weird uses his powers to pull the Macrolatts from the heroes (who fall to the ground). The Weird explains to the Macrolatts that he feigned subservience to get close enough to them to grab them and destroy them, which he does.

The next morning, the Justice League and Superman are with the Weird at S.T.A.R. Labs. They have tried unsuccessfully to repair the Weird's physical structure but all have failed. The Weird is destined to explode in two days. The heroes escort the Weird to an isolated area of Metropolis beach where the Weird works all night to build a stone ship for his son (as Walter used to build ships in bottles).

The next morning, the heroes bring Billy Langley to see the monument (Walter's wife, Eva, opted not to come). Superman and Guy Gardner escort the Weird into space where Gardner leads them to a section of space where the nearest inhabited world is a light-year away. Superman and Gardner fly to a safe distance and watch as the Weird explodes.


  • A caption indicates that the story takes place before Justice League #7. There is some confusion due to the Justice League's roster, however, as Captain Atom did not join until Issue #7 and Booster Gold, Mister Miracle and Captain Marvel were all members before Issue #7 (none appear in the story).
  • Bernie Wrightson's first name is misspelled "Berni" in the interior credits.


  • In this issue, Blue Beetle uses some type of pistol/firearm.

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