Theg, alias Doyle Brande is a Durlan businessman and smuggler, trapped in human form. When the Durlan Ren Daggle who will become R.J. Brande appears from the 20th Century in Metropolis Spaceport, suffering from total amnesia. He meets Marla Latham and Theg. He and Theg return to Durla and become stranded there.

Ren Daggle mates with Theg's sister Zhay. They have two children, Reep Daggle aka Chameleon Boy and Liggt Daggle. Zhay dies of Yorggian Fever, which later robs the Durlan and Theg of their powers. Ren leaves Reep and Liggt with Theg's sister Ji, who raises them as her own children. He and Theg escape Durla and permanently trapped in human form, taking the names Rene Jacques Brande and Doyle Brande. Together, they form Brande Industries.




  • Yorggian Fever: Theg contracted Yorggian Fever which trapped him the form he was in at the time. He now appears as a human with all the strengths and weaknesses this form provides.



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