Among the weapons being researched by Kord was an extra-terrestrial object in the shape of a blue scarab beetle. The device bonded with one of Kord's researchers (Dan Garrett), who killed three people before he was himself killed trying to remove the scarab. Kord then lost the scarab when an automobile accident was prevented by Booster Gold. After this happened, Ted was questioned by Clark Kent about the danger that this missing weapon imposed. Ted wondered how Clark knew it was a weapon, but when Clark doesn't answer, he tells him to leave. Ted then calls Booster Gold hoping he could retrieve the weapon. Booster agrees under the condition that Ted uses his relationship with the mayor to get him the key to the city, to which Ted complies.

Upon locating the scarab bonded to Jaime Reyes, Kord noted that Jaime is unique in his ability to control the device. At Jaime's request, Kord allowed him to keep it.

  • Ted Kord was played by Sebastian Spence.
  • Unlike his counterpart in the comics, Smallville's Ted Kord does not become the Blue Beetle in between Dan Garrett and Jaime Reyes.
  • Unlike his comic counterpart, Ted and Booster do not share a close friendship, but instead are portrayed as solely client and employeer. Although, Booster seems more intent on manipulating Ted than anything else for his own means.



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