The Third Army was envisioned by the Guardians as a way to rectify their past mistakes (the Manhunters and the Green Lantern Corps) in trying to bring order to the universe. Deciding that only through non-emotion, like themselves, could the universe ever be at peace. Traveling to the Chamber of Shadows, they battled another group of Oans tasked with guarding the enigmatic First Lantern, even from the Guardians themselves. Despite heavy resistance, the Guardians take the First Lantern and travel to Earth.

Appearing in Coast City, the Guardians draw out the power of the First Lantern (something that causes the being great pain), creating the first of the Third Army. A man, seeing the commotion, goes to investigate, only to be attacked and assimilated by the Third Army.

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Powers and Abilities


Assimilation: The ability to create more of themselves from its victims. The Third Army's purpose to eradicate every free thinking being in the universe by turning them into themselves. By doing this, it seals off their mouth (making them unable to talk back) and removes their ears (meaning they can only hear the Guardians speaking to them telepathically).


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Average Strength level

Above Average: With effort, the Third Army has been shown to rip the limbs off those they wish to assimilate that have Lantern Corps rings.


Their eyes are vulnerable and possibly their only weak point. They are also incapable of assimilating other Oans (e.g. Sayd) and synthetic life-forms (e.g. Manhunters). They can be destroyed by the White Light of Creation. The transformation can also be reversed by a Blue Lantern Ring, though this may not be true, as it was only shown in Saint Walker's altered reality. [1]


Atmosphere: Can survive unaided in space.
Population: Dependent on how many are assimilated.


Type of Government:


Level of Technology:


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