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Tom Corbet, alias the mystical Neon the Unknown was one of the most powerful heroes battling in World War II. He was serving in the French Foreign Legion when the war in Europe had begun. In northern Africa, his platoon was ordered to put down a native tribe that was being supplied by the munitions manufacturer, Morgan Crooke.

It was a suicide mission on foot and all but Corbet perished in the heat. With his last effort, Tom stumbled upon a mystical oasis. When he drank from its phosphorescent waters, he was transformed… glowing! He found that he was able to emit neon-like rays which were powerful enough to kill a tiger. He also could fly, and discovered an impending air attack. Taking the name Neon the Unknown, Corbet led his former comrades in the Legion to victory.



  • Charisma Franklin Delano Roosevelt: "This is all very mysterious, but your persuasive powers are almost irresistible, Neon!"[4]
  • Divination Neon could locate a missing person via the thoughts of another person.[5]
  • Military Protocol Although technically a deserter from the Foreign Legion, Corbet twice led units of Legionnaires, to great success, against France's national enemies.[6][7]
  • Mind Control "Whipping a cordon of neon rays about the city, he holds the populace in a paralyzed state, to prevent more accidents."[8]
  • Multilingualism "Neon’s powers enable him to understand the jumbled sounds of native speech."[9]
  • Precognition "Sudddenly his mysterious mind receives vibrations warning him of impending disaster."[10]
  • Telepathy "Strange force eh? I begin to understand ... I know something of Thought Transference myself."[11]



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