Tommy Hogan went from being a broke former football player to unimaginably wealthy man of God. The money made him weak, made him a dreamer. It took away his family. Hogan got a call from someone who told him he could witness a miracle, that he could make angels. Upon seeing the empty eyes of the so-called angels, Hogan despaired and turned to the drink to forget his cowardice. Hogan had a daughter, who looked just like Roxy, who had a habit that cost her life. After Hogan rescued Roxy, "his daughter" and her three comrades, Caitlin Fairchild, Bobby Lane and Sarah Rainmaker, he revealed the reason he rejected his creations was because they had souls. They weren't meant to be puppets. Neither, he proposed, were Roxy or the other members of Gen13. Roxy, in a moment of tenderness, forgave her father, and he provided the team with the means to rescue Eddie Chang.