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Thomas Wayne, Jr. is the eldest son of Thomas Wayne, Sr. and Martha Wayne, one of the richest families in Gotham, but his wealth was being wasted by mismanagement of their parents, before he decides to murder his parents, while convincing his younger brother, Bruce Wayne, to help him. When the time to commit the murders arrives, Bruce is frightened and tries to persuade his brother not to do it, this is seen as a sign of weakness by Thomas so he kills the child while his butler and servant Alfred Pennyworth, kills their parents. Bruce's death is a big blow to Thomas because he was the person who he most loved. [2]

Over the years, Thomas dominated the city taking the identity of the villain Owlman, using a costumed identity to spread fear in his foes, blackmailing, threatening, and paying off everyone important in Gotham, until it was essentially his. He acknowledged that for normal humans to have power, they must gain it through systems of order, and he worked to control those systems on his planet creating terror in the streets, but always had a void caused by the death of his brother.

In a circus he met Richard Grayson, a boy with great skills who looked like someone worthy to fill the space left by Bruce, so he murdered Richard's family, serving emotional support for the boy and convincing him to become his sidekick and companion in crime, Talon. Richard never discovered who killed his family and seeing that he was about to discover the truth, Thomas chose to confess what had happened. As a result, the young man, full of anger, decides to find and kill the Joker, Owlman's greatest enemy, in order to show that is superior to him. But in the resulting fight he is killed, again resulting in a terrible loss for Thomas. [3]

Owlman joined the Crime Syndicate, the most powerful team on Earth and together managed to dominate and take over the entire planet. But despite their great power, this team could not defeat the Anti-Monitor, a dimensional invader who wiped out most life on this world, so they were forced to seek a new universe to travel to.

Deciding to escape to Prime Earth, Owlman and his allies tried to make the crossing, but failed. For five years they were trapped between dimensions, until Pennyworth, who had come through, engineered an escape.

Forever Evil

With the help of Outsider and Atomica, the members of the Crime Syndicate manage to reach Prime Earth, where they battle the Justice League, capturing most of their members, allowing them to take over Prime Earth.[4]

Upon learning that there is also a Richard Grayson in this universe, who is known as Nightwing, he decides to capture him in order to convince him to become his partner. Owlman reveal to Nightwing that he's secretly planning to overthrow Ultraman and take control of the Crime Sydicate so he can take over the Earth for himself, as he believes that Ultraman will eventually ruin this world by amassing it's power for himself, driven by his paranoia and fear, while Owlman, despite also wanting to take over the Earth, would do much better.

His plans are interrupted when the Injustice League attacks, killing most members of the Crime Syndicate. Owlman, seeing that defeat is imminent, decides to escape and remain hidden, until it's time to resurface. [5]

Darkseid War

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Owlman is put into the Mobius Chair by Metron and told how to use it. When Grid asks Owlman if Metron can be trusted, he says Metron has been very helpful until now. When Metron warns Owlman against asking for too much information from the Mobius chair, he retorts that his mind is much smarter than Batman's and he can handle it. Owlman then asks the chair to reveal to him the universe's secrets, only to stop midsentence and utter the word "No." Metron asks Owlman what is wrong and Owlman replies that he is here. Just then, Metron and Owlman are killed by an unseen attacker.




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