Sheriff Lindo, or "Tommy", is the Tranquility's sheriff. Her main duties seem to consist of keeping peace when old rivalries flare up or when the more unbalanced inhabitants, such as Minxy Minerva, cause trouble. Rather than use swear words, she frequently uses euphemisms such as "doody", "dang", and "poop".

Sheriff Lindo is the granddaughter of a Maxi hero known as the Black Glider, and the sister of Seresa Lindo, local pilot and assistant to Minxy Minerva. Romantically, she has been linked to deceased Maxi hero Mr. Articulate, who she freely admits to sleeping with after a stay in the hospital, during which time he had provided her with companionship.

While Sheriff Lindo has been shown to have a quick temper, she is also an extremely courageous and compassionate person, placing herself in the line of danger to protect others, and showing more patience with the inhabitants of the town than almost anyone. To this end she uses a special baton made by Doctor Tomorrow which has a powerful electric charge on it.