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Thorne was an Atlantean scientist who invented a serum that altered an Atlantean's physiology, enabling them to survive underwater. King Orin did not wish to spread false hope to the people of Poseidonis, so he made sure to keep Thorne's work a secret. Orin volunteered to test the serum on himself first. The serum worked, and Orin was able to leave the domed city and survive beneath the ocean. The experiment was a miraculous success and Orin quickly dispensed the serum to everyone in Poseidonis, transforming them into an amphibious species.[1]


  • Atlantean Biological Adaptation: Due to his own experiments, he acquired the ability to endure the pressures of the deep.
  • Amphibious: Due to his own experiments, he acquired the ability to breathe underwater and survive the increased pressure of the ocean depths.



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