The Three Mouseketeers, Fatsy (their sailor suited self important, self elected leader), Patsy (an oversized dimwit) and the mischevous, baseball cap wearing Minus, lived in a secret headquarters which was actually a discarded tin can with a secret underground entrance, and spent their days basically searching for food and entertainment in equal measure. Minus, easily the brightest of the group, would frequently find himself in trouble, and would receive 'demerits' from Fatsy as a result.

Years after the Mousekeeters dropped out of sight, the Zoo Crew learned of the existence of historical counterparts of the three with the same names, who actually were Musketeers on Earth-C. Presumably, these were ancestors of the modern day Mouseketeers.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: A toy plane powered by a rubber band.
Weapons: None known.


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