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"A Star is Born": The people of the planet Tolerance in the Tenebrian Dominion are taught from an early age to take enjoyment from their justice system, which involves all those suspected of treason being dropped in the slums with a massive bounty placed on their heads, with the resulting desper

Appearing in "A Star is Born"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Mr. Fochs (First appearance)
  • Mr. Kro (First appearance)




Synopsis for "A Star is Born"

The people of the planet Tolerance in the Tenebrian Dominion are taught from an early age to take enjoyment from their justice system, which involves all those suspected of treason being dropped in the slums with a massive bounty placed on their heads, with the resulting desperate chase being broadcast around the world as "The Hunted", the highest-rated piece of media that week.

On Tolerance today, the two latest contests in "The Hunted" - Ric Starr and Stealth - are holed up in a building being targeted by members of a famous bounty hunter team known as the Crimson Thrust. Ric Starr claims to know of a hideout, and Stealth agrees to take him up on that, pulling out a grenade, allowing them to run away. As the Crimson Thrust give chase, they are caught unawares by Stealth, ho reveals the ability to turn partially invisible. She makes short work of the team, before the two fugitives continue on.

At the studio, Adonis, the current host of "The Hunted", is in conversation with Chancellor Shard, a government official. A faction in the government is worried about the rumour that Adonis plans to unleash a Reach Warrior into "The Hunted". Adonis shuts him down, saying the order came straight from the top - Lady Styx herself.

In a cell in the same building, an Earthling human - Jaime Reyes, formerly the Blue Beetle - is being held for his insertion into the games. He has no idea what sociopathic system he has found himself in.

Meanwhile, in a bar in the slums, Jediah Caul, former spy for the Green Lantern Corps and now one of the Hunted, is waiting for a contact. He believes he is safe, as the bar is run by T'morra, whose gang's pride is that they doesn't take bounties. Caul's contact, T'morra himself, says that a Reach Warrior will be dropped into the game, and reminds Caul that the Reach hunt anyone who bears a power ring. Caul takes the warning and leaves. As he does, the next installment of "The Hunted" begins broadcasting. Adonis introduces Jaime as the Reach Warrior, and for the crowd he underlines the abominable nature of the Reach's imperial dominion. Jaime, who fought his own Reach scarab's baser instinct during his time as a superhero on Earth, can say nothing. Jaime has 24 to kill one of the contestants; after that, he is fair game.

From a rooftop, a criminal gang led by "Captain" K'Rot observe as Jaime is teleported in, wanders down an alleyway and has a nervous breakdown. They intend to collect on a standing bounty - a group called the Consortium will pay a large reward to anyone who brings them a Reach scarab, intact, for study. K'Rot knocks Jaime out, but as they argue about how to get their money, the scarab activates and starts using Jaime's comatose body to shoot at them.

In a shack, Jediah Caul is looking at the body of one of his contacts, who he believes was killed for information about him. Suddenly, K'Rot - who apparently knows Caul - bursts into the room with his gang and Blue Beetle behind him. K'Rot takes advantage of the Reach hatred of power rings to foist his attacker onto Jediah Caul before running away.

Caul gives a good accounting of himself, but his smallarm has no effect on the armor...

Appearing in "Crime With Orange"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Tarc Harr Convergence



Synopsis for "Crime With Orange"

Larfleeze is demanding answers of his butler Stargrave now that masked thieves have stolen his Orange Lantern Power Battery. As Stargrave cannot help him, Larfleeze is stumped. When Stargrave suggests that Larfleeze goes to the authorities, his master goes blank-faced. So Stargrave suggests an alternative approach.

The Star Rovers are regarded as some of the best smugglers in known space, and as such well-placed to help Larfleeze recover his goods. Larfleeze is a little hesitant on the subject of paying them, but this conversation ends abruptly when the craft they are travelling in is attacked... by Orange Lantern constructs.

Backed into a corner, Karel of the Star Rovers uses a desperate tactic - she shoots at Larfleeze, and his mindless desire for revenge saps the power from the constructs.

As Larfleeze prepares to attack the group , Stargrave asks them to back him up in a desperate plan: to tell Larfleeze that they will recover his goods for free. This calms him down.

As Larfleeze refuses to acknowledge that someone else is using the Orange Lantern, Stargrave realises something. Doing a mental calculation of how long ago Larfleeze last recharged his ring, Stargrave announces that Larfleeze will run out of power in eighteen hours.

In the brief silence that follows, Stargrave puts the ship on autopilot and leads the Star Rovers into a rear compartment so as to avoid Larfleeze's anguished howls. It is going to be a long day.



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