Thumper ran with a gang called the Diablos until he joined the Posse a gang dedicated to protect magical gifted people from the law and the underworld. After he got gifted. Despite Thumper was only half the size of a grown man he remains the strongest fighter in the Posse.

It was no surprise that he was chosen to accompany the group to teach Jaime Reyes a lesson for mentally attacking Posse member Probe but was easily bested by the Scarab armor.

Jaime returned a year later and the gang had a war council, voted to give the Blue Beetle a change to explain his behaviour. The meeting was turned short as Damper's child Alina was adducted by the Bottom Feeder

The Blue Beetle managed to save her discovering he could track DNA signatures. After that a small group of the Posse used this new power to locate and rescue Probe at Warehouse 13. The Posse expected it to be a prison and where not prepared to discover a community of meta humans hiding from the normal world protected and contained by La Dama's henchman. One of these henchman was the woman Spinner that knew Thumper back when they both served the Diablos. Without provocation Spinner switched the powers of Thumper and a other Posse member Piñata Thump exploded unable to control the switched power. The Posse believed Thump had been killed so a fight broke lose, luckily for Thump the switch was only temporary and joined the fray after a while. The fight stopped only after the Phantom Stranger was able to discover the warehouse. The Posse heard from La Dama everyone was free to enter the Warehouse as they pleased but the residence felt save and secure at the warehouse,faraway from the prying eyes of the normal people. Including Probe herself. Damper reassured them there was someone who could protect them the Blue Beetle. The Posse and less then half of the residence of Ware house 13 stepped out of the front gate.


Thumper's powers are magical in nature and little is known about them but his strength and durability seem to be enhanced