The man now calling himself Avatar was born in Japan during the late 1930's to parents whose names are not known. Orphaned at an early age, he was forced to live on the streets, and learned to survive by his wits and his growing martial arts skills. His tenacity in battle, and fierceness when cornered, caused local law enforcement officials to give him the nickname of Tiger. The boy took to it immediately and began to refer to himself that way full-time.

Shortly after the start of World War II, Tiger made the acquaintance of the covert costumed hero Rip Jagger, AKA Judomaster. Tiger had already grown to despise the then-current government of Japan, feeling that they had done him no favors, and he was impressed with Jagger… just as Jagger was impressed with the boy. Jagger convinced Tiger that the Axis powers, of which Japan was a member, needed to be stopped, and Tiger agreed to become Jagger's sidekick. The two had many adventures during World War II, triumphing over seemingly impossible odds again and again…by themselves, and as members of the wartime All Star Squadron.

Following the war's end, Jagger attempted to adopt Tiger and take the boy back with him to the United States. However, immigration officials refused to grant permission to Jagger to do so. Jagger thus chose to stay in Japan with Tiger to guide him on the road to adulthood. For the next eight years, the pair traveled the globe and continued to study the martial arts. But Tiger's resentment of the situation continued to build, and at the end of those eight years, he became convinced that Jagger resented him…blaming him for preventing Jagger from ever returning to his homeland. This was completely untrue, of course, but Tiger believed it, and acted upon it; in 1953, Tiger had a final fallout with Jagger and left him, apparently vanishing without a trace. The distraught Jagger tried to find him, but failed, and ultimately returned to the United States a dejected and saddened man.

Meanwhile, Tiger continued to travel through Asia and other parts of the world, and as he traveled he saw orphans in each country…many of them having become orphans because of modern warfare. Tiger now began to turn his hatred on the warmongers who seemed not to care who was hurt in the crossfire of their battles, and while in India, he began to study the legends of the Parashrama, the Hindu slayer of the warrior caste. Tiger learned that the Parashrama had three powerful weapons that he used to do battle with those who thirsted for war…the Ax of Shiva, the All-Seeing Eye of Andhaka, and the Soma Serum of Immortality. Tiger sought out and ultimately found these weapons, planning to use them to defeat all the warmongers of the world. To do this, he hired natives to help him in his searches; then, to keep the locations of these artifacts a secret, he killed them.

One part of the legend that he ignored was that using the Soma Serum to make himself immortal would also drive him insane. He drank the serum, and as predicted, his mind paid the price. Now, what had once been a noble crusade turned into megalomania.

Now calling himself Avatar, Tiger used his other abilities to exile the Justice League into another dimension, thinking that with the primary super-heroes of the world out of his way, his plans could proceed without disruption. However, the U.S. government put together a new team of heroes called the L.A.W. (Living Assault Weapons) to combat the threat Avatar posed to the world. This team consisted of: Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle; Nathaniel Adam, AKA Capt. Atom; Victor Sage, the enigmatic Question; Evelyn Eden, alias Nightshade; government agent Sarge Steel; Mitchell Black, the second Peacemaker; and Judomaster himself…who had remained young and vital through the years via his own mystical studies. When Jagger learned that Avatar was his longtime sidekick and friend Tiger, it broke his heart, but he did his duty anyway.

In the fierce battle that followed, Jagger and his allies were able to separate Avatar from the other weapons he had acquired and prevent Avatar from fulfilling his plot; they were also able to free the Justice League from their other-dimensional exile. Avatar himself managed to escape, however, and remains at large as of this writing. It is presumed that he will eventually try to fulfill his plans again, someday.

It should be noted again that Avatar is completely insane, and really does believe that after he rids the world of war, the entire planet Earth will accept his benign dictatorship as a small price to pay for ending warfare.