Tiger Shark is a modern-day pirate and smuggler who works out of Gotham City with a base in international waters. This makes him an enemy to Batman, who he's come into conflict with several times. Despite staying blindfolded, he is an expert tactician with very expensive tastes.

The Black Mirror

While attempting to coerce the businesswoman Sonia Zucco into helping launder his money, Tiger Shark first attracted Batman's attention. He murdered one of Zucco's closest friends and left her naked corpse stuffed inside a dead killer whale in the lobby of her bank.[1] Batman discovers his undersea lair with Zucco's help.[2] Tiger Shark suspends Batman over a tank with killer whales in it, and sacrifices one of his own men to whet their appetite. Although Batman is able to break free from his chains, Tiger Shark escapes and blows up the ship to trap him at the bottom of the ocean. Batman escapes anyway because he is Batman.[3]

The Court of Owls

In his next encounter with Batman, he was suspected of helping a Talon gain access to Wayne Tower through the sewers. They fought underground and Tiger Shark sicced an actual tiger on Batman, but he defeated the pirate with Harper Row's assistance.[4]

  • Tiger Shark exclusively wears clothing made from endangered species.[3]



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