Till'all was one of at least ten White Martian refugees who crash landed on Earth several years ago (due in large part to the machinations of the Green Martian, Cay'an). Like the others, Till'all believed that he was actually of the Green Martian race.

Till'all and his father, Mica'kel, were rescued from captivity by J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, who provided them with a safe house at the abandoned Middleton Estates in Pennsylvania. Till'all was the youngest of the surviving group, and was the least embittered by their trials. Till'all attempted to mingle with human society, but as his powers had yet to fully return to him, he accidentally allowed two humans to see his Green Martian form.

Shortly thereafter, Till'all's memories began to return to him, and he reverted to his original White Martian appearance. When he learned about the accidental death of his father, Till'all went berserk, blaming J'onzz for his father's demise. After a brief struggle, J'onn managed to calm him down and pledged that he would help keep Till'all safe. He left him in the care of the JLA.





  1. The powers and weaknesses listed are based on the common abilities of Martians first demonstrated by J'onn J'onzz. The refrences listed are based on J'onzz as depected in the Earth-One and New Earth continuities.
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