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Time Masters: Vanishing Point Vol 1 1


Time Masters: Vanishing Point Vol 1 1

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"Passageway": A man and his son are standing on a ridge overlooking a prehistoric jungle. The boy, not unfamiliar with time travel, reminds his father that they shouldn't touch anything. The man corrects him, stating that they need to make sure they don't leave anything behind because they don't

Quote1 Not so long ago, time travel was difficult to conceive, much less achieve. Recently, it's become more common. Too common. With no sign more disturbing than my most recent discovery. Quote2
-- Rip Hunter

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Synopsis for "Passageway"

A man and his son are standing on a ridge overlooking a prehistoric jungle. The boy, not unfamiliar with time travel, reminds his father that they shouldn't touch anything. The man corrects him, stating that they need to make sure they don't leave anything behind because they don't want anyone to ever know they were there. Suddenly, Skeets shows up and warns that 'it' is on its way to them. The father, none other than Booster Gold, tells his son to get his camera ready as a Tyrannosaurus Rex bursts into view. As the T-Rex gets a little too close for comfort, the travelers decide it is time to leave and disappear into the time stream.

Back in the "present," or at least wherever he presently is, the boy, now a grown man by the name of Rip Hunter, is in the middle of an important mission. Unfortunately, while he is preoccupied thinking about his mission, he stumbles upon so locals native to the current time period. Realizing instantly his mistake, he takes the men on and knocks them out. Rip, along with Booster Gold, is searching the forests of the 15th century for Bruce Wayne, who was believed to be dead until evidence of his survival was discovered in various pieces of evidence throughout time. To aid him, and to prevent them from starting their own search, Rip has recruited Superman and Green Lantern. However, an argument develops when the group find the survivors of a shipwreck. The men are suffering from various ailments. Both Superman and Green Lantern think they should assist in some way. Rip shoots down the idea immediately. Time Travel is his realm and he knows how things need to be done. If they were to intervene, there is no telling what effects they could have on the timestream.

At the end of time, Supernova has come looking for the temporal stronghold known as Vanishing Point, which is located in the last seconds before time collapses on itself and can survey the entire timeline of the universe. He is appalled to discover that Vanishing Point has been destroyed. He decides to return to the 21st century for answers.

"Back" in the 15th century, Rip ends the argument by pointing out that the men before them have, in a sense, been dead for 500 years. Aside from which, they have more important problems to worry about. They need to find Bruce. Hunter recounts a fact-finding mission to Vanishing Point, where he and Booster Gold found evidence that Batman had not died during the Final Crisis, but had instead begun a course of jumps across time. As his presence has begun to warp the timeline, the universe has reacted adversely. Like any organism with a lifeform that doesn't belong, it will desire the death of Bruce Wayne. Evidence has begun to accumulate - Mordecai Wayne, for one, and a drawing of a bat that has been reproduced across the world. More worrying, Rip Hunter finds evience that the scenario is being affected by the New Gods. But at present, they have established that Batman is not in this period, so they must return to the present via Rip Hunter's time platform

In Rip Hunter's time lab in the present, Despero and Per Degaton of the Time Stealers have come for something. Their original location, Vanishing Point, is currently unreachable and they don't know why. However, upon arriving at the lab, they find technology from many eras - the 25th century, the 31st century, and millenia beyond that. They find Rip Hunter's time platform, and plan to destroy it, but they are stopped by Michelle Carter, aka Goldstar. The villains try to kill her, but she is saved by the returning Supernova. Outgunned, the Time Stealers retreat. Supernova departs as well, in the hopes of locating Rip Hunter.

In the 15th century, the Time Masters have come to the mountains, in the hopes of managing to communicate with Rip's lab in the future and drawing them forward. However, something goes wrong - and when the dust settles, Rip Hunter is alone, under a red sky, and facing the warrior known as Claw the Unconquered!


  • This book was first published on July 21, 2010.
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