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Time Masters: Vanishing Point Vol 1 3


Time Masters: Vanishing Point Vol 1 3

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"Passageway, Part Three": Booster Gold, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Superman continue to look for Bruce Wayne. They fight against the Mygorg and [[Lady Djinn (New Earth)|Sorce

Quote1 This isn't what I signed up for. All I wanted was to find Batman. Quote2
-- Booster Gold

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Synopsis for "Passageway, Part Three"

Booster Gold, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), and Superman continue to look for Bruce Wayne. They fight against the Mygorg and Sorceress Skyle with the help of Starfire. Meanwhile, Rip Hunter and Claw the Unconquered fight against Serhatuu. Oddly enough, it seems that Sorceress Skyle and Serhatuu know each other, and are working together to invade Earth? At Time's End, the Time Stealers try to find the cell of the Linear Men, thinking that they alone might know how to remove Rip Hunter!


  • This book was first published on September 29, 2010.
  • The characters of Starfire and Sorceress Skyne (Lady Djinn) are Earth-One characters who were supposedly eliminated from DCU continuity during the Crisis on Infinite Earths.


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