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Quote1 Like it or not, we have to assume the Illuminati exist. And they won't hesitate to kill us all. Quote2
-- Rip Hunter

Appearing in "No Time to Live"

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  • Unknown Location



  • Daniel Hunter's Lambourghini
  • Rip Hunter's Porsche.

Synopsis for "No Time to Live"

1990. Rip Hunter and Bonnie Baxter try to avoid being sideswiped by agents of the Illuminati. Rip outmaneuvers them in his Porsche while Bonnie distracts the pursuing driver by throwing newspaper pages towards his windshield. Rip manages to evade them and drives back to his Time Lab.

After settling down, Rip contacts his cousin Dan Hunter in Washington, D.C. and asks him if he's interested in financing Rip's time travel experiments. Dan agrees to help out and tells him that he will meet up with him in a few days.

Dan isn't the only visitor to arrive at Rip's laboratory. Bonnie's kid brother Corky follows her from Tennessee to New York. Rip invites everyone into the lab and shows them his prototype Time Sphere as well as his single-person Time Packs. The problem that Rip is having with the Packs is that each time travel method works only once per one person, so he needs to devise an alternative method for multiple time trips.

Rip also tells Dan about the Illuminati. Dan contacts an investigator he knows named Ray Slater and has him check out Templar Industries, an alleged front company for the Illuminati. Rip feels that this Illuminati business is bigger than what he is prepared to handle, so he calls Superman for help. Superman acts strangely aloof and tells Rip that he would have better luck talking to the JLI.

Later, Corky finds a trespasser skulking about outside the laboratory. He tackles her to the ground, then brings her inside where the others learn that she is a computer hacker named Antonia (though she prefers to be called Tony). They ask Tony why she was lurking about the estate, and she says that she was checking out Dan's Lamborghini. Upon discovering that Tony's computer hacking skills could prove useful, Rip invites her to join the team.

The next day, Rip and Dan go to Washington to see Slater. They arrive at his office only to discover that he has been murdered. Rip finds a photograph taken in the 1800s of Jeff Smith standing amidst several famous Western gunfighters - Bat Lash, Jonah Hex and Scalphunter.

Back at the Time Lab, Corky tampers with one of the Time Packs and finds himself instantly transported to the Jurassic era. A hungry tyrannosaur bears down upon him.


  • Captions indicate that "the present" is 1990 which is also the year of publication.
  • The schematics for Rip Hunter's Time Packs were shown in issue #1, but they do not make an actual appearance until this issue.


A close-up of the Daily Planet newspaper shows a caption stating it was established in 1938. It also says "Sunday Edition" which may indicate the story occurs on a Sunday.

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