When the Brotherhood of Evil posed a threat to all heroes around the globe, Robin made sure as many heroes as possible were brought to safehouses and informed of the threat.

Raven's mission was to transport three little children to a monastery on the other side of the mountain. The Titan wasn't enthusiastic about her mission and the four got on the train.

The train was eventually broken into by Mallah who was looking to take the children. The four heroes managed to escape, but could no longer use the train.

The four walked most of the distance and, when they finally got to the monastery, Mallah attacked again and strapped the children into his custom vehicle. When Mallah defeated Raven, the children used their powers to distract Mallah. Melvin's imaginary friend Bobby then finished off the monkey man.

Raven gave the three children and imaginary friend her communicator, considering them honorary Teen Titans. Raven and the children shared one last hug before she left them with the monks.

Once the Brotherhood of Evil began its purge of heroes, Timmy, Melvin, Teether, and Bobby found Raven and the five worked together to get the captured heroes back.

When they arrived in the Brotherhood's secret base in France, the children were among the many heroes who participated in the all out brawl. After the fight, the children most likely went back to their original home.


  • Super Voice: Timmy is able to scream so loud that his mouth emits painful sound waves to anyone close to him. [1]


  • Child: Timmy is a young child (about 3 or 4). Timmy, like his friends, will typically wander off and get into trouble if they don't have a grown-up with them. Also, it is harder for Timmy to defend himself from attacking villians, being as small as he is.
  • Frequent Temper Tantrums: Timmy will often fall down on the ground and begin to bawl if he does not get his way. Something as little as not getting to hold Raven's hand will throw Timmy into a fit of rage.


  • Blankey: Timmy always carries a security blanket with him. If the blanket is ripped, Timmy will cry endlessly until it is fixed. The blanket itself doesn't do anything special.