Quote1 I won't let you down, Bruce. I'll keep fighting. Always. Quote2
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Tim Drake saw the performance in which Dick Grayson's family was murdered, which was the first time he met the first Robin. Eventually, he put the pieces together, Dick being Bruce Wayne's ward and Robin and Batman having similar qualities. Eventually, Tim uncovered their secret identities. After Jason Todd's (the second Robin) death, Tim contacted Dick and informed him of Batman's requirement to have a Robin to keep his sanity. After Nightwing and Batman were captured by Two-Face, Tim donned the Robin suit to save them. After that, Bruce required Tim go through training prior to becoming Robin. After months, Tim Drake became the third Boy Wonder.

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Robin fends off several of the League of Shadows' assassins who have overtaken Batman. He is ordered to stand down as the assassins leave, handing Batman the line launcher before being told to leave.

After Joker's death, Robin goes to find Black Mask, as he becomes a new gang leader in Arkham City. He goes through Black Mask's hideout, where he finds out that some of the Penguin's thugs joined him, and that Riddler is also helping Black Mask. Lastly, he goes into the Freight Train and beats through some of the Joker's thugs, that have also joined him. After getting through three cars, Robin comes to end to find a few thugs, Mister Hammer, and Black Mask blocking the control box. After beating the thugs and Mister Hammer, he leaves Black Mask for last, apprehends him, and destroys the control box that's moving the train.

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Several weeks after the events of Arkham City, Harley Quinn has broken out of holding and retaken the Steel Mill with the Joker's gang. Robin enters the building to find Batman, who had lost contact two days earlier while attempting to rescue GCPD officers that had been taken hostage. He finds Batman's belt, finding Batman himself soon after trapped inside an airtight container suspended by a monument to the Joker. He battles Quinn and her thugs, taking the key card needed to free Batman. Over the intercom, Harley announces there are several bombs hidden in the Mill that will kill them all unless Batman can disarm them. Robin is ordered to find Quinn and her thugs while Batman disarms the bombs.

After a fourth bomb detonates (hidden inside the Joker monument), Batman asks if anyone had seen Robin exit the building, though none had. While he is distracted by his guilt and sorrow, Harley attempts to stab Batman, being saved at the last second by Robin's shuriken. Batman leaves after seeing everything has been taken care of. Commissioner Gordon asks if he is okay, to which Robin replies that he is fine.



  • Explosive Gel
  • Zip Kick
  • Snap Flash
  • Smoke Pellet




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