Tim Foster was a high school guidance counsellor who took his job seriously, though he was only in his twenties. He took an interest in the new girl, Amy Smootster, and after discovering that she was homeless, he offered to let her stay in his office, despite the risks to his job.
Unfortunately, Amy fell in love with him, and at only 15 years old, the temptation was more than a little worrisome for him. Even so, he was attached to her, and after discovering that she had unusual powers, he was drawn into her adventure.
Amy saved his life more than once, and he did the same for her as she was constantly stalked and attacked by a bully named Michelle, whose exposure to Amy's strange foot-fluid corrupted her mind. After all they'd been through, Mr. Foster couldn't deny his feelings for Amy, but he refused to let anything happen between them until she came of age. He offered her a note with an address of a location where they could meet in three years.
After those three years passed, Tim assumed that Amy had moved on, and he himself had already remarried. He was excited to be friends with Amy again, but was utterly bewildered when her mood suddenly changed and she left. He failed to realize that Amy still loved him.

Zero Girl: Full Circle

Fifteen years later, Tim had a 15 year old daughter with a wife who had eventually died. When his daughter Nikki started exhibiting strange affinity for shapes, he reached out to Amy for help. Though he has given up on her, Tim still had feelings for her, and he was surprised to discover that she had kept her strong feelings for him alive for 18 years.
Eventually, both Tim and Amy were sucked into another adventure due to Nikki's unresolved feelings about the death of her mother. Their adventure brought them closer together, and by the end of it they were able to affirm that their relationship could be built on more than infatuation, and they consummated it. Presumably, Tim and Amy lived happily ever after together with Nikki.



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