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Tina Greer was born with a soft bone disease. It seemed unlikely she would live for very long. However, the 1989 meteor shower seemingly cured her illness. Her exposure to Kryptonite granted her shape-shifting abilities, along with superhuman strength.

She was miserable growing up, always wishing she was someone else. Tina repeatably tried to become close friends with Lana, whom she thought had the perfect life.

In 2001, Tina disguised herself as Lex Luthor and robbed a bank. Her mom found the money and they got into a fight, that ended with her mom falling down the stairs and breaking her neck, killing her. Tina then began a plan to take Lana's place, but was stopped by Clark Kent and taken to a mental hospital.

During her stay there, Tina began to come to terms with her sexuality and understood why she was so fascinated with Lana: she loved her. After little over a year, Tina faked her own death and escaped. She returned to Smallville, posing as Whitney Fordman (who had recently been reported missing in action) and began a relationship with Lana. However, Clark quickly realized whom she was and tried to stop her. Tina took Lana's necklace and disguised herself as Jonathan Kent, to lure Clark into a trap. She tied Clark up in the storm cellar and went back to Lana, now in the guise of Clark. However, Clark broke free (after his ship had neutralized Lana's necklace) and followed her to the Talon, where they began to fight and Tina was impaled by accident, killing her.



  • Tina's skeleton is green glowing. Someone with x-ray vision could easily see through her disguise, by simply x-raying her.



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