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Quote1 I'm Batman - and I'm gonna crush you like a bug! Quote2
-- Tina Sung src

In the 31st Century on Takron-Galtos, 15-year old Tina Sung adopted the moniker of Batman and fights crime with a particularly violent attitude. At the beginning Tina made her costume with her best friend Harriet Shankar who adopted the moniker of Harley Quinn and the two play-fought and practiced until one day Tina decided she wanted to be more serious leaving Harriet behind who believes Tina to have betrayed her for her "other friends".

Batman of the Justice League 3000 and Supergirl first encountered her[1] and brought her to Sheriff Tariq where he reveals that her parents were "lifers" and she was born on the planet, choosing to stay to hunt down criminals as a voluntary prisoner.[2]

Recognizing her as a fellow orphan Bruce elects to bring her back to Camelot Nine and she agrees, as long as she can bring her best friend, Harriet.

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