Titan was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone until he was accidentally released when Clark Kent opened the gateway.

Titan landed in Omaha, Nebraska, where he started fighting locals. He then looked for a place where he could fight more "worthy" opponents on a more permanent basis. Eventually, Titan found and joined an underground fight club ("Live Or Die") that was streaming webcasts of fights from a secret location. Here he would have the opportunity to fight strong human opponents. Oliver Queen found out about the illegal fighting club and asked Clark Kent to check it out. Clark eventually discovered the Fort Ryan location, but was forced to enter the ring against Lois Lane, who was also investigating the club for the Metropolis Inquisitor. However, Titan saw Clark and recognized him as Kal-El, and was unable to resist the chance to enter the ring and fight a Kryptonian. In his zeal to reach Clark, Titan knocked out Lois and killed the host of the webcast, Richtor Maddox, with a single punch. Clark cut off power to the cameras and engaged in a brutish battle with Titan. In the brawl, Titan at first seemed to be stronger than Clark, literally beating Clark to a bloody pulp, but Clark soon gained the upper hand and gave back what Titan had done to him in spades. Titan eventually died from a mortal wound caused by falling on his own bone-like weapon, but not before smiling and congratulating Clark on his fighting prowess.

Clark later related that he felt conflicted about his mission to clean up the Zoners he let free. He felt particularly uncomfortable with having to kill Titan in order to accomplish that goal. As a matter of fact, a darker side was shown of Clark while fighting Titan, as he smiled in a sadistic fashion shortly before Titan was impaled on his own weapon. Nothing else was revealed about Titan, except that he knew Clark's real name and race. After his demise, Titan's DNA was used by Lex Luthor in his 33.1 experiments, to anchor a multitude of powers unto a single host and to grant super-strength to super-soldiers, such as Wes Keenan.


  • Titan was portrayed by Kane.



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