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Titans Sell-Out Special Vol 1 1


Titans Sell-Out Special Vol 1 1

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""The Titans $ell Out $pecial (or, The Buck Stops Here!)"": The Titans and the Team Titans return from New Chronus after engaging in a hard-fought battle against Lord Chaos. When they return to Titans Island, they find that the U.G. Pyramid has be

Quote1 Maybe they did not know that I've become a Titan. Yes. That is why they did not use me. I could have been Captain Comrade! Or perhaps the Soviet Smasher! That sounds good, yes? Quote2
-- Red Star

Appearing in "The Titans $ell Out $pecial (or, The Buck Stops Here!)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "The Titans $ell Out $pecial (or, The Buck Stops Here!)"

The Titans and the Team Titans return from New Chronus after engaging in a hard-fought battle against Lord Chaos. When they return to Titans Island, they find that the U.G. Pyramid has been destroyed, apparently as a result of the warrior Battalion's attack against Chaos' army. No evidence of Chaos' Force Elite are anywhere to be found. Within the wreckage they find the remains of Slade Wilson. New York City Councilwoman Elizabeth Alderman arrives on the scene and tells the Titans her intent to run them out of the city. She blames them for the destruction of the U.G. building and hands them a subpoena.

Steve Dayton arrives and tells the heroes that they need to take some time off for themselves after having to deal with Lord Chaos. He lets them stay at his private beach in California.

In order to gain income, the Titans and the Team Titans decide to license their images to the movie and merchandising industry. They are offered full creative control over how their likenesses are represented. The final product turns out to be a children's animated series called "The Teeny Titans". The Titans attend a screening of the cartoon and are embarrassed by what they see. They refuse to be attached to the project and return to New York.


  • This one-shot special is alternately known as Titans: Sell-Out!
  • Wildebeest appears as a baby in some parts of this issue, even though evolved to a fully grown adult in New Titans #91, and is shown in that form on the first few pages of the issue.


  • The tagline for this issue is "Don't ask -- just buy it!"

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