This version of the Teen Titans exists in an alternate timeline wherein the former members of the Teen Titans, now adults, have assumed the roles of their late mentors and have restructured themselves as a Fascist, take-no-prisoners group called the Titans.

This alternate timeline branched from the regular New Earth timeline shortly following an adventure wherein the Teen Titans traveled to the 31st Century to assist the Legion of Super-Heroes against the Fatal Five-Hundred. While trying to return home, they accidentally arrived at a point in time ten years into their own future. They met older versions of themselves who had adopted a more violent, fascist approach towards crime prevention. Upon returning to their own era however, these Teen Titans swore that this future would never come to pass, and decided to disband rather than stay together. What none of them realized however, was that the break-up of the Teen Titans was actually the catalyst that created the branched timeline to begin with.

In the Titans Tomorrow era, the world changed dramatically as a result of a great "Crisis". Many of Earth's foremost heroes including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman died during this event, paving the way for an era of cold and darkness. The United States was split into two factions, East and West. The former Teen Titans regrouped and established a base of operations at their previous Titans Tower HQ in San Francisco. A renegade group of Titans re-established themselves in New York City and became known as Titans East.

Because of the paradoxical nature of their origins, it wasn't long before the recursive time-loop that led to their creation caught up with them. Some ten years after they originally disbanded, the Titans of Tomorrow encountered their younger counterparts from the past. Though their memories were hazy, they began to recall being in this exact same situation before (albeit from the opposite perspective). They knew that their younger selves would try to find a way to correct the timeline thus erasing the future Titans from all existence. They decided that it would be best to wipe their minds of the event and send the Teen Titans back to their own era. The Teen Titans soon discovered how twisted and violent their older counterparts had grown and fought against them. They teamed up with Titans East, who still held true to the ideals of the original Teen Titans. They soon discovered that if breaking up the team is what led to the creation of the future timeline, then they had to commit themselves to staying together no matter what. After several fights, the Teen Titans finally returned to their normal timeline via the Cosmic Treadmill and remained together as a team. Although this caused subtle changes in the future timeline, it did not erase it as the Titans had hoped. The Titans of Tomorrow still existed and only grew in strength.

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Conner Kent, Cassandra Sandsmark and Bart Allen, decide to go to the past to stop Tim Drake from killing Jon.


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