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"That Strange Buzzing Sound": The original Titans Nightwing, Troia, Flash, Tempest and Arsenal (accompanied by his little daughter [[Lia

Appearing in "That Strange Buzzing Sound"

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Synopsis for "That Strange Buzzing Sound"

The original Titans Nightwing, Troia, Flash, Tempest and Arsenal (accompanied by his little daughter Lian) meet in a diner. After their recent adventure in which they saved their former teammate Cyborg, they are thinking about reforming the Titans.

Dick is sceptical because he thinks the Titans got too involved personally and a reformation of the team could encourage some of their former enemies to return to the scene as well. But his friends have a different opinion because the good would outweigh the bad. Finally Dick agrees, but also suggests the need of some additional members as back-up because especially Wally and himself are very busy already. They decide to ask Cyborg, Starfire, Jesse Quick, Argent and Damage.

Obviously, all potential candidates agree to join the Titans and a few days later they come together on Titans Island to rebuild a headquarter. But as Nightwing feared, they are attacked rather sooner than later. Their opponent is the new H.I.V.E. which was put together by Damien Darhk whose mother gave him the mission to stop all conflicts involving super-powered people ...


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