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Titans Vol 1 23


Titans Vol 1 23

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"Who is Troia?, Part I: A Night to Remember": Still reeling from Deathstroke's recent attack, the Titans are on high alert when an intruder alarm is triggered inside Arsenal's room leading the team to investigate. On

Quote1 What are you guys talking about? It's me -- Donna...Troia! Quote2
-- Donna Troy

Appearing in "Who is Troia?, Part I: A Night to Remember"

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Synopsis for "Who is Troia?, Part I: A Night to Remember"

Still reeling from Deathstroke's recent attack, the Titans are on high alert when an intruder alarm is triggered inside Arsenal's room leading the team to investigate. On their arrival they find Roy laid in bed with Donna Troy standing over him though none of them remember her. Jesse Quick immediately attacks but Donna temporarily stops them with one word; "Dick".

Later they reconvene to check Donna's story but find no record of her on the Titan's computer database. Roy's daughter Lian runs in but similarly has no memory of Donna and cowers behind Argent. Seeing this, Donna flies away to discover the extent of this phenomena.

She finds her ex-boyfriend Kyle Rayner who similarly forgot about his past with Donna. Across the city, James Hall, upon announcing his candidacy for mayor, is attacked by Shockwave but Donna and Epsilon stop him. At first it seems that Epsilon is remembering who Donna is - but later he pretends not to so he can enact his plan.

Inside the Titans Tower, Nightwing approaches Roy and tells him of his suspicions about Lian's babysitter Chanda. He believes she was responsible for Cheshire's capture[1] and the subsequent assassination attempt upon her[2].

Later still, Chanda is found packing by Roy, she believes that she'll be fired for hiring Deathstroke to attack Cheshire - despite it not being her. Before he can though she quits, believing herself to be a danger to Lian.

Shockwave is brought before a shadowy council and is made aware that his failure to kill James Hall will result in his "termination".

Donna, now in Virginia, finds herself outside of her adoptive mother's house who - like the others - does not recognise her. In a moment of despair she encounters Dark Angel but the "Kingdom" Titans appear, both remembering and defending Donna.


  • This book was first published on November 22, 2000.
  • Cover combines with the covers to issues #23 and #25 to form one composite montage image.
  • Darkstar's relationship to Donna Troy is revealed in greater detail next issue.


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