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"Family Reunions, Part One: Past Sins": The Atom (Ray Palmer) heads to Amanda Turner's house in Ivy Town, Massachusetts to try to find The Atom (Rayan Choi. The Titans Villains for Hire pay off a g

Quote1 For a moment I thought he'd finally made it home... But he didn't, did he? Quote2
-- Amanda Turner

Appearing in "Family Reunions, Part One: Past Sins"

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Synopsis for "Family Reunions, Part One: Past Sins"

The Atom (Ray Palmer) heads to Amanda Turner's house in Ivy Town, Massachusetts to try to find The Atom (Rayan Choi. The Titans Villains for Hire pay off a guard to gain access to Arkham Asylum in order to take care of a prisoner. Osiris is left behind as a rear guard, and decides that he needs to kill the guard they bribed in order to bring back his sister. The guard has some security though - a switch to release all of the inmates in Arkham. Against the guards warning, Osiris kills him - the switch turns "green" and all hell breaks loose as the inmates are released.


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