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in: Fabrizio Fiorentino/Cover Artist, Eric Wallace/Writer, Travis Moore/Penciler
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Titans Vol 2 38


Titans Vol 2 38

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"The Methuselah Imperative, Part Three": Ray Palmer talks with Amanda Turner as the two walk out of Ryan Choi's funeral. He tells her she doesn't have to go through this alone. She replies that she isn't and c

Quote1 So watch out, world. Next stop? Crazy town. Quote2
-- Deathstroke

Appearing in "The Methuselah Imperative, Part Three"

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Synopsis for "The Methuselah Imperative, Part Three"

Ray Palmer talks with Amanda Turner as the two walk out of Ryan Choi's funeral. He tells her she doesn't have to go through this alone. She replies that she isn't and cuddles with her son.

Jericho still has command of Deathstroke's body and the two argue in Deathstroke's mind. Meanwhile, the team is still split about what to do with the machine. Cinder and Arsenal fight Osiris, Cheshire, and Tattooed Man. Roy figures out there is only one way to stop them from fighting. He throw his staff at the Methuselah machine and it explodes, releasing DJ Moleclue who starts blasting everyone. Slade then tries to escape with Jericho but Roy stops him. Roy says they don't deserve the title of Titans. Slade explains he didn't take the Titans name to honor it. He took it after all the years of trouble they had caused him and now wants to blacken the name. Roy then attackes Slade. After a fight, Roy takes command of the Titans and tells Deathstroke he's fired. Cinder then decides there is only one way to to destroy the Methuselah machine. She dives into the machine and causes a plasma annihilation reaction within it. Osiris grabs Dr. Sivana and they retreat. The remaining Titans escape just as an explosion engulfs the Labyrinth. Osiris asks for Sivana's help in bringing Black Adam back and asks to know how long it would take to build another Methuselah machine. Sivana tells Osiris it would only take a few months but first he has to help him as Sivana wants to destroy the Marvel Family. Later, Tattooed Man, Jericho, Arsenal, and Cheshire discuss the future of the group. Cheshire walks away saying she's leaving it all behind her and that includes Roy. Tattooed Man then replies he is going home and doesn't want bothered. Jericho and Roy remain behind.

Back at the funeral, Ray and Amanda are surrounded by many members of the heroic community. Ray gives his eulogy for Ryan and the pair quietly remember the fallen hero.

Later, Deathstroke is secluded in one of his safe houses. Standing on the balcony, Slade thinks about how his son and daughter have rejected him. He wonders if he is losing his touch or just getting old. Rejecting that idea, he decides to take his game to a whole new level and muses that the world had better look out.


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