Used by Doctor Robert Bethany with the promise of restoring his sight with a cornea transplant, Tobias was able to identify Daniel Kim, the telekinetic bowling alley shoe clerk, as having metahuman powers. Daniel Kim was subsequently abducted and taken to Level 33.1 to have his DNA extracted and tagged with a GPS homing beacon and his memory of the event, including the abduction, wiped. Tobias was later confronted by Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan to ascertain his involvement.

In that encounter, Tobias observed Chloe as meteor-infected and contacted Doctor Bethany. Chloe Sullivan was later abducted by Lex Luthor's men and treated in the same manner as Daniel. Later, Lana Lang tried to persuade Tobias to stop what he was doing. After Doctor Bethany's and Lex Luthor's scheme was exposed, Lex ordered Doctor Bethany to bring Tobias back to him alive and unharmed to help tie up loose ends. Doctor Bethany, believing he would be killed after handing over Tobias, tried to kill Tobias. Lana, who had arrived at Tobias's home minutes before, complicated the plan, causing Doctor Bethany to come up with the cover story about his corneas being available. After feigning compliance to leave with Doctor Bethany, Tobias turned off the lights and pointed a gun at Doctor Bethany, who in turn attacked Tobias in the dark. Doctor Bethany intended to shoot Tobias with a taser gun, designed to stop his heart instantly to make it look like Tobias died from a heart attack.

However, in the confrontation, Lana picked up the discarded gun and fired at Doctor Bethany, saving Tobias's life. Clark Kent super speed into the scene to prevent Lana from shooting Doctor Bethany. Clark deflected the bullet meant for Doctor Bethany and absorbed the taser barbs meant for Tobias. In an unforeseen circumstance, the charge from the taser backfired and struck Doctor Bethany, inducing a heart attack, killing him instantly.

Afterward, Tobias admitted to Clark that he was sorry he helped Doctor Bethany and regretted his involvement. Clark arranged for Oliver Queen to put up the resources to have Tobias get his cornea transplant.




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