Tomar-Re accompanied Hal Jordan on his first mission as a member of the Green Lantern Honor Guard - investigating a structure similar to the one Hal and Guy Gardner encountered on Earth. However, unlike the structure on Earth, this facility had many more Manhunters in it. After barely making it out of there alive, Tomar-Re and Hal reported their findings back to the Guardians of the Universe. While he disagreed with Hal's feeling that there was a signal reactivating the Manhunters, Tomar-Re pleaded to the Guardians that the threat warranted further investigation. After Hal assembled his team to investigate the Manhunter threat, Tomar-Re approached him with evidence of an antimatter wave originating on Biot that could be reactivating the Manhunters. He accompanied Hal, Kilowog, and Aya to investigate the wave, and found an even larger facility than the one he investigated earlier. They discover the facilities also serve as factories to produce new Manhunters, and that the Anti-Monitor, a colossal extra-dimensional being, has reactivated them to wipe out this universe. Hal protects his team from the Anti-Monitor's assault, but Tomar-Re is helpless but to watch Hal take the full blast, leaving nothing behind. <ref">Reboot"</ref>





Oath unknown.



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