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Sensei is actually Toshiaki, the White Crane, a martial arts instructor and Japan's biggest hero.

He raised Karate Kid as an adoptive son and future samurai. When Val Armorr, son of Japan's greatest crime lord, Black Dragon, was born, his mother, an American secret agent, tried to hide him from his father, but failed and was killed for her affront. It was Sensei Toshiaki who eventually killed Black Dragon for his crimes and adopted the infant Val. He raised Val as if he were his own son, and trained him in all manner of the martial arts. Val became the youngest warrior ever to earn the title Samurai, and would later become a Legionnaire.


Martial Arts: He is a master of every form of martial arts to have been developed by the 30th Century.


None; some would argue that he himself is a living weapon.


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