Quote1 Now there's a naughty geezer, proper naughty! Quote2
-- Tracey Buxton src

Tracey's earned her status in Penguin's operation. Owing to a tough-as-nails, no nonsense attitude. Penguin uses her to keep his crew in line when he is not around. It's not clear why she has fallen in with Cobblepot. It's likely that the two met why he was living abroad. Perhaps he is grooming her to take over his operatin someday. While she represents a minimal physical threat, she is as dangerous as anyone who picks up a gun and is willing to use it. Tracey Buxton was one of Oswald Cobblepot's assistants aboard his ship, the Final Offer. When Batman went looking for Cobblepot, she encountered him. She sent some thugs for The Dark Knight to fight. She then fled the area. She encountered Batman once more when he made his was into her office and locked her in a cage.