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Trinity Vol 1 6


Trinity Vol 1 6

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""Truth, Justice, & The American Way..."": Holed up in a warehouse for safekeeping after her recent super-villain attack, Marguerita Covas turns back to her Tarot cards looking for a real way out of her predicament. Her readings keep coming up with variations of

Quote1 Does this involve wearing a padded suit and helmet again? Quote2
-- Lois Lane to Gangbuster when he asks her help.

Appearing in "Truth, Justice, & The American Way..."

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • "Beasts"



  • Tarot cards

Synopsis for "Truth, Justice, & The American Way..."

Holed up in a warehouse for safekeeping after her recent super-villain attack, Marguerita Covas turns back to her Tarot cards looking for a real way out of her predicament. Her readings keep coming up with variations of the same theme, different Trinities, and once again the images change--this time on all of the cards--to images of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and she throws them down.

Aboard the Justice League's orbiting Watchtower, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman begin discussing their recent dreams and mysterious threat when Batman notices that the burn on Wonder Woman's back changes from one symbol to another, neither one they recognize, while he's cleaning it. The three of them then discuss the Beast Batman captured calling them a "Trinity" and analyze the many different ways they fit into such a criteria.

Covas, deciding to trust the cards, once again feels the energy connecting her to the entire world "and beyond". Giving in to it she sees the three heroes, realizing they're a balance, and letting the energy guide her delves deeper into it's meaning, relating it to all three heroes in different ways in different aspects of their lives as the cards show them to her.

She realizes they're "three faces of the same idea" and "in the middle of everything, which they may not even know. She decides she wants to relay the message to them, but before she can think on it further part of the warehouse wall collapses as three beasts crush Gangbuster into it. They snatch Rita up and run away, leaving Gangbuster unable to rescue her as he falls unconscious.

Appearing in "Almost"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




  • Hot Air Balloon

Synopsis for "Almost"

In St. Roch, Louisiana, Hawkman foils a museum robbery by Gotham City mainstay Nocturna, who was seeking the Sceptre of Khaf-Re. She says the Gotham Underground "presages a darkness that will fall across the world" before he forces the information that there is a second robbery going on in Los Angeles, then he drops her from a height.

Using his Nth Metal wings, Hawkman makes the flight in 34 minutes and discovers Gangbuster is already firing on the street gang inside and demanding answers about the location of Marguerita "Tarot" Covas. He tries to get Gangbuster to stop, finally knocking him down to do so, and questions him about how long street gangs have been robbing museums. When Gangbuster says he needs information from them, and the last one is getting away, Hawkman throws his mace across the room seemingly crippling him.

The gang members all subdued, they give up information on their higher ups and Hawkman takes off to find him. Gangbuster calls Lois Lane to see if she's heard of street gangs robbing museums. She returns a rash of robberies that night, but all metahuman related.

Hawkman returns, dumping another Gotham City criminal--Killer Moth--on the floor saying it confirms what he learned earlier in the night. He prepares to leave, but Gangbuster grabs his wing and insists on being brought with, telling Hawkman this thing with his friend is important and he failed to protect her. He agrees to bring him with, and from the roof of the museum a Gateway opens to the Justice League Watchtower.


  • "Nocturna" is written "Noctuna" on page 14, panel 1.


  • The title line in is spoken by Marguerita Covas in the first story and many people, but mostly Hawkman, in the second.

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