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Trinity of Sin: Pandora Vol 1 6


Trinity of Sin: Pandora Vol 1 6

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"Precious Little": The world seems to be dying around Pandora, following the takeover by the Crime Syndicate of another place. The evil of this world has accumulated within the collective unconscious of humanity, and taken the form of a cre

Quote1 I've never met an immortal who gives a toss about a single human life. Quote2
-- John Constantine

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Synopsis for "Precious Little"

The world seems to be dying around Pandora, following the takeover by the Crime Syndicate of another place. The evil of this world has accumulated within the collective unconscious of humanity, and taken the form of a creature of Blight, taking a human boy as host. With Earth's heroes gone and defeated for the most part, what few remain are of the Justice League Dark, and Pandora stands with them as this Blight fights them in the physical realm.

With the JLD suffering casualties, Pandora takes it upon herself to distract Blight while Nightmare Nurse sees to them. Pandora believes that the sins she fought for centuries are made of the same stuff that Blight is, and having destroyed one already, she has some degree of confidence that she can do it to Blight as well. The Phantom Stranger, however, knows the boy whom the Blight has taken as its host, and hopes to save his life by any means. The outlook for that plan appears bleak when the Blight unleashes a deadly dragonfire blast. While their magic and runes protect them, the innocents in the nearby residential buildings are in danger, and though John Constantine is not eager, his companions rush to aid them.

Remaining behind, John and Pandora are taunted by Blight, who exclaims that the emotional responses of the scared citizens only serve to empower him. John decides that they need to find a new tactic, because defending is hard enough. As a last ditch effort, John decides to make use of the dangerous Mark of Dun-Kon-Wen, which comes at a great price. Despite the Stranger's rejection of the plan, they must all draw the mark on their bodies. As he draws the symbol on Pandora's arm, he takes her aside to warn that she may have to kill the child who is hosting Blight, if they are to succeed. Sternly, Pandora responds that if he were a great mage, as his reputation claims, John would find a way to save the boy instead of merely seeking a quick solution to the one problem.

Hoping their plan will work, Pandora calls out to Blight, shooting her pistols at him. However, the creature, via its host, attacks and severs John's head. Enraged by the murder, the others seek justice, only to fall to the Blight themselves. When Pandora's turn comes, she is impaled on spikes, and is surprised when she begins to feel what it must be like to die. In all of ten thousand years, she had never felt that until now. In the moment of her death, she witnesses Blight rising victorious. She senses those innocents she helped to rescue telling stories of the heroes' bravery. She sees her friend Marcus, still trying diligently to solve the problem of making the broken box work again.

The dead heroes are discovered at the front door of a mansion. Their deaths are not necessarily permanent, so long as everything goes to plan.



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