Quote1 Talk of assassination has been passing around at the deepest levels. I assume the conspirators are loyalists of Orm. So eventually details of this scheme found their way... to his sister. Quote2
-- Tula src

History of character has not yet been written.


  • Atlantean Physiology: Due to generations of living under the sea, Atlanteans have evolved to breath underwater and be far superior to any other human.
  • Enhanced Vision: Tula is able to see perfectly in the pitch blackness of the deep ocean.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Tula's hearing is far greater than any human's.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Tula is a trained captain of the Atlantean military.[2][3]
  • Leadership: Tula is the leader of a subversive group of soldiers in the Atlantean military called The Drift. While membership of this group changes frequently, Tula is still adept in leading these men and women both above and beneath the sea.[4] Tula excepts that most enemies will come to Atlantis from the land so she trains her soldiers for combat on the surface.[5]
  • Stealth: The Drift, which Tula leads, is a group of subtle soldiers which are used for secretive measures in defense of Atlantis. She prefers to stay back and sneak up on her opponents rather than charging in.
  • Swimming: Tula, like all Atlanteans, is an adept swimmer. During combat she uses the tides to outpace her larger opponents and this style of combat is still useful above water where she maneuvered around Cyborg to plant a bomb on his back.[4]
  • Weaponry: As a trained soldier, Tula knows how to use Atlantean weaponry such as spears and pikes.[6]


  • Seahorse: When traveling she uses her undersea mount which is a large seahorse.