The Typist was formerly a copy-editor who made a typo in a book of poems that he worked for ten years that drove him to become a villain, and a murderous intention in killing people who "misspelled a word or improperly used a comma." During the Second World War, he allegedly cooperated with the Nazis, and having stealing Nazi gold and European artworks. By the present the Typist retires and settle near the town of Tranquility, in which none of the townspeople knows that his psychotic murderess ways were still present behind his always cheerful attitude.

He was confronted by a young Emoticon (who prior adopt his identity) in his own home and held him at knife-point, demanding that he give him all the money that he collaborated with the Nazis. The Typist easily subdued Emoticon with a hypodermic needle containing sedatives and buried him up to his head in his garden, where he interrogated him for three days as he strangely knows him. Finally he learns from Emoticon that he is his own biological grandson in which the Typist remembers that Emoticon's grandmother was a prostitute named Randy Blackamoor that he met and copulate. Which Emoticon blames him for ruining his family and living a harsh life, and the reason why he targeted the Typist. The Typist sympathized Emoticon as he is no different from himself and decided to make him a villain in order to focus his anger on society instead. However, he also decided that Emoticon needed a "bit of tragedy" by removing his eyes with his gardening tools, making him who he is and as well giving him his signature mask.

  • The Typist is accompanied by his pet raven named Lenore.