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Quote1 I am aware and...I live. I know what I was. I know what shall be. I make my claim to this planet. I... the ULTRA-HUMANITE! Quote2
-- Ultra-Humanite src

The Ultra-Humanite was a living weapon created as a byproduct of the Soviet Union, in which it was harvested from the souls of the Doom Patrol through the organization Meridian. The being went out of control once it was created after generating a massive electromagnetic pulse across the Earth, creating a world-wide blackout, and desired to rule the world. Earth-9's heroes had unsuccessfully fought the Ultra-Humanite until he was allegedly destroyed by the Superman (Harvey Dent). However, in reality, Dent had weakened Ultra-Humanite and hidden the being in space, where he reprogrammed him as an ally to his cause in ruling Earth from behind the scene.

The Ultra-Humanite later was summoned to New Earth in helping Dent and his allies in ruling that Earth while fighting against the combined alliance of the heroes of New Earth and Earth-9. Ultimately, he was defeated by the combined efforts of the Earth-9 Batman and New Earth Superman in which the former apparently died in his effort, before being banished and imprisoned in his gateway prison along with his allies by their native Green Lantern.[1]




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