Aniel was a Jewish woman who had been possessed by the demon Asmodeus since birth, a possession passed down by her mother. As the Unclean, she killed innocents in the streets of Tel Aviv, and stuffed a pig's heart in their throat to rob them of their souls. As this was a Muslim belief, she had hoped to create tension and war in the Middle-east. In the guise of Aniel, she worked for the secret organization the Elohim, and helped Deathstroke catch the Unclean, who Deathstroke was led to believe was the arms trader Ohisver Muller. Muller's associates, Doctor Klaus Cornelius and Catalyst, pointed them back in the direction of the Elohim, who had suspected Aniel was the Unclean, and laid a trap for them. Deathstroke fought Aniel, who had by now transformed into a brown-furred demon, and would not have won had Catalyst not poisoned her.

She was given to Cornelius' company, Cornelius-Krieg, who planned to use the demon's power for future technology.

enemy of Deathstroke