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Untold Legend of the Batman Vol 1 3


Untold Legend of the Batman Vol 1 3

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"The Man Behind the Mask!": Batman tells Robin he will find his mysterious tormentor alone, and strides out of the Batcave. Robin calls up Jack Edison, a top stunt-driver and car-designer who owes his lif

Appearing in "The Man Behind the Mask!"

Featured Characters:

  • Batman (Flashback and main story)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The Man Behind the Mask!"

Batman tells Robin he will find his mysterious tormentor alone, and strides out of the Batcave. Robin calls up Jack Edison, a top stunt-driver and car-designer who owes his life to the Caped Crusader, and informs him they need a new Batmobile. Robin then tells Alfred he intends to help Batman whether he likes it or not.

Meanwhile, Batman checks with Shamrock and other street people for clues, but can find none. When he asks Commissioner Gordon's help, the Commissioner tells Batman he may subconsciously be overlooking clues, knowing unconsciously the culprit is someone close to him he does not wish to hurt. After Batman has left, Gordon recalls his first encounter with Batman and how they started working together. He also remembers the first time that his daughter, Barbara was impressed with Batman and followed in his steps, becoming Batgirl. After a few moments, Robin turns up in Gordon's office to ask about his mentor.

The next day, Bruce Wayne, tries to get through a business day and a concerned Lucius Fox remembers how good Bruce had been with him. After Fox offers his help, Bruce suddenly realizes who his tormentor must be.

As Batman, he returns to the original Batcave below Wayne Manor that night, but finds the walls of the cave closing in on him. He also seems to see the shade of Bruce Wayne accusing him of usurping both their existences. Abruptly, a figure clad in Thomas Wayne's Batman Costume appears to help Batman hold back the closing walls, and tells him that the warehouse explosion affected his mind, giving him paranoid schizophrenia. Encouraged, Batman thrusts himself and his mysterious ally to safety just in time, and unmasks the figure as Robin. The Teen Wonder tells Batman that he donned the Bat-Man costume to bring Batman back to his senses. Thanking Robin, Batman goes off to be by himself, viewing the streets of Gotham City from on high.

Appearing in "Secrets of the Batman"

Featured Characters:


  • Batcave
    • Workshop
    • Repair Shop
    • Secret Exit
    • Garage
    • The Study
    • Laboratory
    • Trophy Room



Synopsis for "Secrets of the Batman"

Three-page feature showing the Batcave beneath the Wayne Foundation Building, a.k.a. Batcave II.



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