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Real Name
Current Alias

Doctor Professor, Professor Doctor, GDB (Goddamn Batman)


God (supposed youger brother)


Base Of Operations
Car outside of Speedway






Unusual Features
Height and weight (and occasionally other features) change depending on the writers, something he comments on frequently. Hole in right thumb.


Marital Status

"Vigilante", Cosmic Anomolly

Ph.D in Biomolecular Chemistry


Place of Birth


First appearance

Fabulous Comics Vol 1 1


No one is certain as to his past, possibly not even himself, though many speculate this to just be an act. [1] One of many stories he tells is that he is the older brother of God, and that his teasing in their youth prompted him to create the universe. Apparently, he can jump universes, interacting with the few residents in each world capable of seeing and comprehending him (those that can break the Fourth Wall). He stated that he was married once, but his wife left him for someone else (this issue was, in contrast to the rest of the series, all serious and without any jokes, so this can be judged as true). [2] He once said he had a hand in the origin story of every hero and villain there is, whether through in-universe action or by bribing the writers, but even he admits this to be a lie (he can't be everywhere at once, right?).[3] From time to time, he will volunteer as a Continuity Cop. [4]

Powers and Abilities


  • Cosmic Awareness: He is well aware of being a fictional character, so much so that he edits the DC Wikia in the real world.
  • Unique Physiology: His body is on a different vibrational frequency than most people, meaning only certain characters can see and interact with him, such as the reality bending Mr. Mxyzptlk or Vibe. He can interact with them, though, [5] and can adjust his body to appear to those who could not normally see him. [6]
  • Immortality: He is completely unable to die or age, though can still be hurt (he has stated this is just for amusement, and that he could easily will himself to be fully invulnerable)[7]. It is theorized that, if he were to ever stop appearing in comics, this would, in effect, "kill" him.
    • Pain Resistance: Due to being injured in numerous horrible ways over his long life, he has grown accustomed to pain and barely registers injuries anymore.
    • Regeneration: If he is hurt, his body will regenerate almost instantly. Even if he is destroyed down to the very last quark, he will reform from nothing. [7]
  • Nigh-Omniscience: Due to his other-worldly nature (and his ability to read comics), he is privy to all known information in the DCU. However, things not yet revealed in continuity are still unknown to him. He is also unaware of information in stories he did not bother to read, and can be caught off-guard should he fail to go to the comic book shop to pick up his weekly comics on time. [8] This can be used as a practical ability, as well: For example, since he knows everything characters like Batman know, he is a master martial artist.[9] Due to his body's limitless potential, he can follow through with what he knows without stress or injury.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport to anywhere he wants in an instant, even places that aren't real or into a person's subconscious. [10]


  • Indomitable Will: His will is sufficient enough to power a Green Lantern Ring on the level of some of the greatest ring slingers of the Corps. He once wore a Red Lantern Ring, fighting off the insanity and blood lust that comes with it and removing it with sheer willpower after he was done with it. [11] He is totally resistant to mind control and involuntary mind reading, citing Deadpool as a similar figure.
  • Intimidation: Despite his generally non-threatening demeanor, he can be incredibly terrifying if he chooses to be. He even managed to make Bueno Excellente cry out in terror, making him scream, "Malo!" (Spanish for bad). [12]
  • Genius Intellect: Many would debate, but he believes himself to be of unlimited intelligence. Like most aspects of his character, this is variable depending upon the writer, so he could potentially be able to outmatch Lex Luthor in chess at one point while being baffled by simple mathematics at another time.
  • Animal Training: In his free time, he tames kittens to jump through flaming hoops made of sharks. [13]
  • Occultism: He is an experienced occultist, able to summon the dead, curse (both with magic and in speech), and divine the location of people.

Strength level

  • Limitless: He has stated he is as strong or weak as he desires to be (or the writers decide he is). [14] He compares this to the way Superman's strength and abilities are either increased or decreased for the sake of the plot in a particular issue.


  • Immaturity: As can be inferred, he is incredibly immature. This makes it difficult to work with him, as he will not do anything he doesn't want to do and will often do the opposite of what he is ordered to do.
  • Apathy: Unless sufficiently interested in something, he will not act on anything without a good reason. He is known to "half-ass" many things out of laziness, such as "defeating" Amazo by slapping him lightly in the face and walking away. [15]
  • Loneliness: He admits to being incredibly lonely ever since his wife left him, as well as the disconnect he feels with other beings due to his cosmic superiority.[2] One of the only entities (if not the only) that he could relate to would be his brother, though they are not on speaking terms. [16]



  • Sandwich: He can often be seen eating a sandwich, usually turkey and cheese.
  • Metrodus Charm: No one is certain as to what it is or what it does, not even him, [17] but it apparently gives him even more power than he already has. He sold it for a Hot Wheels car a while back [17]


  • Car: He drives a beat up Toyota AE86 Trueno colored black and white, something he admits to buying after reading the manga Initial D. He is sometimes seem living in it in a Speedway parking lot. It is old and falling apart, a different part of the car appearing rusted and, eventually, falling off in every issue it appears (it is repaired with duct tape by its next appearance).


  • He can pull weapons from his pocket any time he desires. He normally only uses it as a way to annoy others, such as wielding a replica of their signature item against them.


  • No special notes.
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  • He is a devout atheist, praying to non-God every afternoon at exactly 1:16 PM. This is highly ironic, for obvious reasons.
  • He express hope to one be written by Scott Snyder, so much so that this was his vision of hope upon acquiring a Blue Lantern Ring. [1]

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