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December 15, 2011


My name is Nick "Harold" Fulfaro, having preferred my old camp nickname when I first created my account a couple years back. You can call me either Harold or Haroldrocks, since it's probably easier for others to figure out which one I am that way. I've been an admin here at the DC Database since September 2014 but have contributed since 2011. Although I don't have an exact area of expertise, I'm usually seen hanging out on cartoon pages as well as New 52 character pages. The newest admin, I started reading comics at the start of the New 52, (Batman #2 being the first issue I picked up), and have been in love with DC ever since.

My favorite heroes are Batman, Nightwing, the Flash, but I find the villains are the ones that really lead a story. Some of my favorite baddies include Gorilla Grodd, the Penguin, the Riddler, and Scarecrow to name a few.

I'm always happy to help, so if you have any questions, leave a message on my talk page. And thanks for visiting the Wiki!

To-Do List

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Batman Timeline

Originally Hatebunny's, but I want to keep it around for reference.

  1. Zero Year (BM)
  2. The Big Burn (flashbacks) (BM&R)
  3. Faces of Death (DC) - Joker disappears/removes face.
  4. Born to Kill (BM&R) - Damian kills
  5. Knight Terrors (TDK) - not important.
  6. Court of Owls (BM) - Biggest deal.
  7. Night of the Owls (BM/All) - follows from previous.
  8. Scare Tactics (DC) - not important.
  9. Pearl (BM&R) - relationship with Damian improves.
  10. Cycle of Violence (TDK) - not important.
  11. City of Owls (BM) - Conclusion to Court.</s>
  12. Demon Star (Inc) - ???
  13. The Villain's Journey (JL) -???
  14. Emperor Penguin (DC) - Ogilvy takes over from Penguin, 900 block/manbats
  15. Throne of Atlantis (JL) - ???
  16. Death of the Family (BM/All) - Joker returns, splits up family
  17. Gotham's Most Wanted (Inc) - Damian dies.
  18. Mad takes place shortly after Damian's death and during Requiem/5 stages. (TDK) - Natalya dies.
  19. Requiem for Damian (BM&R/all) - Batman goes through the stages of grief.
  20. Clay (TDK) - not important.
  21. The Wrath (DC) - distrust with GCPD, otherwise, not important.
  22. The Big Burn (present) (BM&R) - Two-Face commits suicide.
  23. Gothtopia (DC) - everyone gets gassed, not particularly important.
  24. The Grid (JL) - ???
  25. Trinity War (JL) - leads into forever evil.
  26. Forever Evil - Batman helps save the world. Dick fakes his death.
  27. Arkham War - during/before Forever Evil, all the baddies go loose in Gotham in Batman's absence. Bane replaces him.
  28. Forever Heroes (JL) - Lex finds out his identity.
  29. Icarus - Batman thwarts a weird drug ring. not important.
  30. Batman Eternal - Gordon gets framed, Batman tries to solve the mystery and stop a gang war (so far...)
  31. Arkham Manor - arkham asylum destroyed and the inmates move to Wayne Manor. Batman solves a murder mystery there under an assumed identity.
  32. Batman: Endgame - The Joker returns to visit his hatred upon Batman.
  33. Robin Rises - Batman goes to apokolips to get his son back...

confirmed events

  • at some point, some of the events of Batman: The Long Halloween and Batman: Dark Victory occurred, as Carmine Falcone returns to the city five years later in Batman Eternal with the scars on his face from his encounter with Catwoman.

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None known.


  • (Almost) Genius-Level Intellect: Harold is a self proclaimed genius, having the IQ slightly higher than that of a camel.
  • Intimidation: Harold is a master of intimidation. By growling and looking completely ridiculous, people are sure to shy away from a fight.

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None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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