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Real Name
Current Alias

Green Lantern; Captain Marvel; The Small Red Cheese; Talia al Ghul


The Society; Junior Justice Society of America


Base Of Operations





Marital Status


High School Graduate, University Student

Midoki met the wizard Mr.Blonde and was granted the powers of IRC. Fighting to write articles and make page edits has been his sole duty since she received these powers and they grow as she learns how to control them accordingly.

Place of Birth
Brooklyn, New York

First appearance

Pokemon Adventures #1

Quote1 That's the little mama jama that made that stupid fat chick page, she deserves nothing but SCORN. Quote2
-- Midoki


Favorite Things

Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., Green Lantern, the Question, Phantom Stranger, Beast Boy, the Spectre, Doctor Mid-Nite, Shining Knight, Speedy, Wonder Girl, Osiris, Uncle Marvel, Tawky Tawny, Ragman, Argent, Rocket, Icon, Green Lantern, Dan the Dyna-Mite, Fighting Spirit, Ms. Masque, Silhouette, Firestorm, Lightning Lass, Shrinking Violet, Marvel Family, Teen Titans, Justice Society of America, Freedom Fighters, Legion of Super-Heroes, Justice League International, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, Andrea Sorrentino, Darwyn Cooke, Francis Manapul

Hated Things

Superboy-Prime, General Zod, Gangbuster, Trigon, Goldface, Challengers of the Unknown, Cave Carson Team, Sea Devils, Final Crisis, Rob Liefeld, Scott Lobdell, Scott Kolins, Brett Booth, Felicia D. Henderson, Frank Miller

To-Do List

User:Midoki24/To-Do List

Powers and Abilities


Powers imbued from Mr.Blonde have enabled Midoki to use:

I for information of the Internet: Midoki can use the internet. This is a very basic ability that normal humans can do as well. The added benefit that Midoki gets is very specific websites and links to places only she and those around Mr.Blonde know. These websites allow her to edit the wikia effectively and use additional information for the selected page.
R for repetition of Relay: Now this may be a confusing power but it allows Midoki to not only use copy and paste (as a normal human would) but have the superhuman ability to remember coding and editing information that must be repeated an innumerable amount of time. This ability also allows her to use the same jokes more then once, though it may be a side effect.
C for conversation of Chat: "Whoa Midoki can talk, whoa, big deal!" That is what most people say to this ability but Midoki can use this metahuman ability to talk endlessly about not only historical and possible future knowledge of New Earth but apparently multiversal places as well such as, "Earth-616 and the PokéVerse"


Page Creation: Creates articles and pages on powers, heroes and villains as well as many other places and things, this ability is normal among humans adapted to a Wikia but Midoki does so vehemently.

Bunny Annoyance: Able to say certain things (sometimes childish) in an attempt to make a point but instead (and most of the time) ends up annoying Bonnie the Bunny as well as any rabbit in the vicinity of the comment.

Strength level



Mental Instability: Although not confirmed Midoki may be crazy. Evidence to prove this is his unending hunger for information of the famed Captain Marvel as well as spouting out information and comparisons to this Earth-616 world.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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