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On Krypton, Vala specialized in cybernetic engineering. Along with at least two other Kandorians, she experimented on humans in an attempt to discover how to get their powers back. One of these humans was Doctor Bernard Chisholm, whom the Kandorians brought back to life.

Clark Kent had Chloe Sullivan set Vala up with a fake identity and passport, which she was able to use to get a job at a bookstore in Metropolis. Late one night, before going to meet Faora, she was kidnapped by Doctor Chisholm. He imprisoned and began cryogenically freezing her so that he could expose her, along with his other evidence, to the world as an alien. She was saved by Clark, Lois Lane, and Major Zod.

She was one of the Kandorians later abandoned by Zod. When Checkmate found them, she and the soldiers she was with were to be executed. She was again saved by Clark. After Faora's death, Vala re-joined Zod at the Fortress of Solitude and, with her newfound abilities, flew away with the rest of them.

Later, Clark asked her what she knew about the Book of Rao. She was hesitant to tell him because she thought he had murdered Faora. Once he convinced her he had not, she told him what she knew, that Zod was looking for the book, and that the Red Queen was hindering Zod's progress.

Vala was also one of the Kandorians who burned the symbol of Zod all over the world. She personally left the mark on one of the Pyramids of Egypt at Giza. When Clark attempted to send the Kandorians to another world, she stood behind Zod with the other Kandorians. However, they all used their super hearing to hear Zod confess murdering Faora and his unborn child. Angered, Vala ripped off a tag on her sleeve and attempted to attack Zod. She was held back by Basqat. She left Earth with the others when Clark used the Book of Rao to open a portal to a new world.



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