Vandal Savage was born sometime in the prehistoric era. Around 25,000 years ago, a meteor hit the Earth, nearby where his tribe lived. While his tribemates fled, Vander slept by it, as it provided warmth in the cold night. As the decades passed, he found that he never aged, and as his siblings and tribemates all grew old and died, he continued to evolve, both mentally and physically. Thousands of years later, during World War II, he received a message from his future self in the 21st century, along with designs for future weaponry.[1]

The designs impressed the German High Command and they named Savage the leader of the Third Reich. Savage then placed Hitler in suspended animation. Using the new weapons, the Nazis destroyed the Allied forces at D-Day, and invaded Great Britain and the United States, conquering the entire world. In the late 20th century, Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered by Nazis for speaking out against Savage's regime, causing Bruce to become Batman and starting a resistance movement. In 2002, the Justice League returned to Earth and found Savage's government in place. Using a time machine Batman built, they went back to June 6, 1944, D-Day. Around this time, Savage was preparing for the invasion of America.[2]





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