Vanessa "Nessie" Kapatelis is the daughter of Julia and David Kapatelis. She grew up with her mother in Boston, and met Wonder Woman when she attended school. Though originally jealous of Diana, they eventually grew closer.[2] This was exploited by Doctor Psycho, who expanded the fears Vanessa already had after losing her father and the suicide of her best friend. He used underlings to drive a wedge between Vanessa and Diana.[3] Psycho, Circe and Sebastian Ballesteros unleashed their influence on Nessie, and with mental conditioning and cybernetic implants, transformed her into the Silver Swan.[4] They set her loose on Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl, and the latter's secret identity was exposed as a consequence. Silver Swan was defeated and sent to a hospital.

Ballesteros abducted her again, and Veronica Cale purchased her for a new plan against her enemy Wonder Woman. With additional cybernetic enhancement, Cale sent Silver Swan to the Themyscira House.[5] Wonder Woman defeated her, and this time, with help from Amazonian doctors and Leslie Anderson, fully removed her cybernetic enhancement.[6] Nessie returned to school, and eventually graduated.[7]




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