As a young man, Vartan Kevork discovered or was granted the power to convince people he wasn't there. He used it in the city of Portsmouth to become a criminal under the alias "the Shadower". However, he was opposed by Doctor Mid-Nite, the local crime-fighter, whose blindness made him partially immune to Kevork's power.

They fought throughout the 40s, but Kevork was ultimately sentenced to life without parole for the murder of Mid-Nite's girlfriend, Myra Mason. Even from prison, he taunted his enemy, sending him letters.

Kevork found the time to father a child, but they wanted nothing to do with their father. However, Kevork's grandson developed a metahuman ability - he could eavesdrop on people's thoughts without them knowing it. Due to the similarity of their powers, Kevork and his grandson were able to communicate telepathically, and Kevork molded his grandson in his image.

In is old age, he was afflicted with dementia, and thought that Pieter Cross, the new Doctor Mid-Nite, was his old foe. He sent him the same letters, until his health became too degraded.

When he suffered from a heart condition, his grandson, now taking the name Shadower, took hostages to make Doctor Mid-Nite preform the operation that would cure him. Unfortunately, Kevork was too ill, and passed away on the operating table.